Copyright: Lytham St Annes Art Society

Registered Charity No. 513961

The objects of the Society are to advance the education of the public by fostering an interest in the arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, design, architecture, the crafts, music, and the live theatre and to bring together all those who are interested in these arts and crafts. Membership of the Society is open to any member of the public interested in learning about the above named arts, and wishing to use the Society's facilities. Members of the public are invited to join the Society at any time provided the Society is not oversubscribed. We currently have a maximum limit of 440 members to ensure that our activities remain manageable and effective. The joining fee and annual subscriptions are extremely reasonable, and just cover our running costs.


The Society, governed and administered by a committee of about 15 honorary trustees, helped by approximately 30 volunteers, organise events for the members and reach out to non-members by means of our exhibitions, open studios, and lectures. If  members of the public wishes to make use of our workshops they have to join the Society.


We have recently introduced a "Community Art Fund". Money raised, or donations made to the Society, specifically for this cause will be paid into this fund. The money in the fund will be distributed in accordance with the furtherance of the Societies aims. This will include giving to outside bodies with similar aims as the Society (e.g. public galleries, schools, restorers of public works of art, amateur dramatic or music groups who perform publicly, etc) or sponsorship of public works of art, or grants to help students of the arts who are not members of the Society or their families, etc. The fund could also be used by the Society to purchase or maintain its assets used directly for educating the public.