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Lytham St Annes Art Society displays members’ original artistic work in a full programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

Events that are open for the public to view and buy affordable artwork are: the Spring Exhibition in the Fylde Gallery, the Summer Exhibition in the Studio, The Autumn Exhibition in Lytham Heritage Centre, the Open Air Exhibitions in Lytham Memorial Gardens and Ashton Gardens in St Annes, the Craft Fair in the Studio and the August Studio Exhibition. Click on the appropriate link to see more details.

Members of workshops also display their work in a series of studio exhibitions for viewing by members, guests and the public at coffee mornings.

The rules for submission and acceptance of artistic work for display at the Society’s Exhibitions are reproduce below. It is important that members understand and adhere to these rules to avoid disappointment if their work is rejected. Either scroll down or click exhibition rules.

In order to maintain the high standard of our exhibitions, and to avoid damaging the facilities and other members’ work, each member’s work will be inspected before acceptance for submission for adjudication. Particular attention will be given to the quality and security of framing, cord and cord attachments, and protrusion of sharp objects. Graham Smith will advise anyone with queries about framing and also carry a stock of ‘D’ rings.


The following rules, approved by Lytham St Annes Art Society Committee, apply in particular to the Society’s Spring, Summer and Autumn Exhibitions. For other Society exhibitions refer to rule 5.


a. Each paid-up member may submit up to FOUR EXHIBITS (THREE at the Heritage Centre) from each of the following CLASSES:-

             i   WORKS FOR HANGING including paintings and drawings in any medium, textiles, collage, engravings, mono prints, reliefs and any other format of artistic work. DIGITAL IMAGES which must be produced by the artist by hand and the print must be the sole copy of the image.  Photographs or modified photographs will not be accepted.

      Because of restricted hanging space, for exhibitions in the Fylde Gallery and in Lytham Heritage Centre, it  is   preferred that no more than one item has a height or width greater than 70cm.

                   ii   MINIATURES (the subject must be painted or drawn no more than one sixth of its actual size and not     exceeding 24 square inches total area (including frame).

                              iii   FREESTANDING 3D WORKS including pottery, sculptures, craft items and installations. Items must be stable and not present a hazard to members or to the public. .


b. Additionally, up to THREE unframed 2D works, no greater than 5mm thick, may be submitted for inclusion in a half imperial PORTFOLIO (18” x 24”). (These will not be considered by the adjudicator.) Any item that may contaminate or damage other artist’s work will be rejected.

c. No item shall be more than 1.5m high or wide, unless accepted in writing from the President before submission.

d. Works should be delivered on the Receiving Day at the allotted time and place.  It is the member’s responsibility to have them unpacked for inspection.

e. For Spring and Summer Exhibitions one work may be offered 'Not for Sale'. All work for exhibitions in the Lytham Heritage Centre and all open air exhibitions must be for sale.  Prices must be clearly marked on all works displayed at open air exhibitions.

f. Each work must have:

i. a fully completed official blue label securely attached by string long enough to hang over the exhibit.  Blue labels are available at the Studio.

ii. another label securely attached to the work bearing the NAME of the artist and the TITLE, MEDIUM and PRICE (which includes the frame).  The age of a JUNIOR MEMBER should be included.  

All information on the two labels must correspond.


In order to maintain the high standard of the Society’s exhibitions and the reputation of the Society, and to prevent items damaging hanging surfaces and other members’ works, the following rules apply. Any item not complying with these rules will not be accepted for submission.


i. No sharp protrusions or edges shall be exposed.

ii. All mediums must be fully dry or “fixed” as appropriate.


iii. “D” Rings must be screwed to the back of frames or stretchers, positioned between one quarter-way and one third of the way down the item. Screw-eyes and other forms of attachment are not acceptable. Picture cord or wire must be securely attached so that when the item is hung the cord is no less that 5cm below the top of the item.


i. Clip frames will not be accepted.

ii. The frame must be strong and in good condition.

iii. The back of the framed work must be firmly sealed with framing tape. (Sellotape, plastic tape, masking tape and parcel tape are not acceptable.)


i. All work must be framed except stretched canvases, wall hanging textiles, reliefs and items where a frame would be contrary to the item’s artistic expression.

ii. The outside edge of stretched canvas, if unframed must be properly finished consistent with the rest of the work.


a. The society does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to submitted items that may occur from any cause whatsoever, during the total period.

b. Any work found not to comply with the following will be removed from the exhibition.

i. Any work which has been exhibited at a Summer Exhibition may not be re-submitted at subsequent Summer Exhibitions. These may, however, be submitted to the Spring, Autumn and Open Air Exhibitions. Work which has been in reserve at the start of an exhibition may be resubmitted at a future exhibition.

ii. All work must be original.  A copy of the work of another artist or published material is not acceptable.  All work submitted should be that of the member.  Work from an artist’s own photographs may be used as a reference for an original work.

c. All works submitted for exhibitions, except portfolio items, are subject to the adjudicator’s decision (or the Lytham Heritage Group where applicable) on the suitability for display, artistic merit and allocation on the reserve list for hanging. The adjudicator’s decision is final.

d. Items not accepted for exhibition must be collected at the time and place notified.

e. All unsold works must be collected promptly at the close of the Exhibition at the allotted time and place.

f. No unsold work may be removed from the exhibition prior to the allotted collection time.

g. All members submitting items for exhibition are required to undertake TWO (2) periods of supervision duty during the Exhibition or to ensure a suitable replacement.  Times are to be agreed on or before the time of submission. This obligation is irrespective of the adjudicator’s decision on the suitability of an item for exhibition.

h. Exhibitors defaulting on their supervision duty or removing unsold work from an exhibition before its close may not be eligible to submit work for the next two exhibitions.


a. There will be a submission fee of £2 for each item which will not be returnable.  Unframed works, exhibited in the portfolio and Miniatures will be charged at £1 per item.

b. Fees must be paid at the time of submission.

c. A commission of 20% of sale price will be charged on any work sold. (30% for the Heritage Exhibition and 10% for Open Air Exhibitions).

d. A handling charge of £2 may be levied on each item of unsold work that has not been collected on time.

5. OTHER EXHIBITIONS – Some of the above rules also apply to the Society’s exhibitions in the Studio and those outdoors in Lytham and St Annes. They are:

a. The Studio - Rules 2, 3a, 3bii (at Workshop Leader’s discretion), 3d, 3e, 3f, and 4c apply.

b. Open Air - Rules 1e, 2, 3a, 3bii, and 4c apply.

6. VARIATION OF RULES The Society Committee reserves the right to vary the above rules as occasion demands.

Text in italics is included for guidance to members.


Updated September 2018


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