The joy of painting – Kumar in his home studio

For as long as he can remember Srirangam Mohankumar – known to family and friends as Kumar – has been drawing and painting.

Growing up in Madras, a port on the east coast of India, Kumar remembers art lessons at school using just three colours, yellow, red and blue. From these he learned to mix all the shades he could ever want.

This dedication to learning has been a major factor in his artistic development. Throughout his school years he kept on painting even as he followed his chosen path to be a doctor. All along the way to achieving that goal – working around the country and ending his working life at Blackpool Victoria Infirmary – he was observing, drawing and developing his painting style.

‘I was painting all through my time at medical school which started in India and was completed in Britain.


I worked as a junior doctor in Manchester, London, the North East and the Highlands of Scotland which gave me a chance to explore the English countryside.


In fact, the very first time I exhibited was in Caithness where I had the great good fortune to be presented to the late Queen Mother,’ he added.


Painting The Highlands, East Anglia & In Between

He especially enjoyed the big skies in the Highlands and this has endured though now it’s to East Anglia where he heads annually to paint.

“Vast fast-changing skies are a huge inspiration to me, and it’s the light I find so fascinating. Early morning is the best, whatever the weather. There’s just something so special about that time of day.


I work outdoors making sketches. Painting en plein air is what I aim for every time but sometimes the weather, means I have to complete a painting at home.”

His studio in Wigan, is filled with his watercolours and the years of constant practice have started to bring him success and recognition. He has been shortlisted in Artist and Illustrator magazine and Sunday Times watercolour competitions and was runner-up in Lancashire Life magazine’s landscape artist competition.

He is a member of the Royal Society of Watercolour Artists, the Royal Society of Marine Artists and is an associate member of the prestigious East Anglian Group of Marine Artists and has had work exhibited in the Thornthwaite Gallery, near Keswick, with Lytham St Annes Art Society and at the prestigious Mall Gallery in London.

“Over the years I have learned by trial and error the techniques I now use and the constant practice brings its rewards. The tone and value of the colours is the important thing and not the detail. The simplicity and focal point should tell the story.”

Members have the chance to learn from Kumar. He is arranging dates throughout the year when he will take small groups to local destinations to paint outdoors. Further details are on the lobby noticeboard. He is also taking the first demonstration in the Studio on Saturday 10 September 2022 from 2-4pm.

To see more of his work visit Kumar’s website:



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